DECAN P 150 (NPP) Injectable steroids with delivery in france


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DECAN P 150 (NPP) 1 vial (10ml (150mg/ml)) by Para Pharma is a long-acting steroid, is a potent androgenic steroid, the period of activity in the body is 2-3 weeks. With the help of this steroid, athletes build up solid muscle mass, which, of course, comes with an accumulation of water in the body. On DECAN P 150 (NPP), the muscles recover very quickly after heavy series.

With DECAN P 150 (NPP) (Nandrolone Phenylpropionate) from Para Pharma, the intensity of your workouts will increase several times, due to its high anabolic effect, DECAN P 150 (NPP) will help muscle recovery very well, and you will be able to do less rest between sets.


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